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Saturday 16th June 2018

Friday 27th April 2018

I would like to say a huge thank you to the children and their families, who along with school staff, Community police and local residents all helped to make our first canal volunteer day a huge success. Work has been started on the towpath and fencing has started to appear at different points. Please visit the canal to see our progress or visit the community page on the schools website to see pictures. If you would like to help us with litter picking at any time, equipment is available in the community office for you to borrow please pop in.  

If you would like to help in any way at all please call into the community office for information , or alternatively come along to our next volunteer day which is on 19th May 10am-1pm, free drinks and snacks are available.

Many thanks

Michelle Sulkey

Friday 19th April 2018

Hopefully by now many of you will have heard that the Community Centre has adopted the canal in partnership with the Canal &River Trust. One area of the adoption process calls for us to hold a number of volunteer days, and Saturday 21st April is our first session.

If you have not already done so, please walk along the footpath that runs by the side of the school and leads up to the canal, you will see that it has been transformed and this was done by children and adults from Stoneclough kids club holiday club, the materials were kindly donated to us by a member of the canal society and shows just what can be achieved with a little hard work.

Please show the Community Centre your support by coming along from 10:00am-1:00pm either for the whole session or as long as you can spare, anyone regardless of age/capability is welcome and vital to us if this partnership and project is to succeed.

Saturdays jobs include fence mending, greenery pruning, weeding and litter picking, we will be cleaning off the coping stones along the towpath and cleaning off the sets that make up the path itself so please bring a stiff brush. Later in summer, work will begin on the towpath by contractors who will be replacing part of the missing sets therefore making the canal accessible for wheelchairs and prams and the cleaning of the canal itself, volunteers will be given training on some of the equipment that will be used .

The canal has as you know has fallen into a sad state but with the community’s help we can once again restore the “Green Corridor” that connects all areas of our village and be proud of this unique feature for our families and future generations.  

Free refreshments will be available for any of our helpers in the Community Centre, the meeting points are at the top of Seddon lane or the Community Centre at 10:00am.

Many Thanks

Michelle Sulkey

01204 331835